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The Sustainability Factor

Grand Rapids Commercial Cleaning Company, LLC is a business dedicated to the "Green" philosophy of environmental responsibility. According to President Jeff Meulendyk, the growing trend toward LEEDS-EB and LEEDS-NC is accelerating in West Michigan. Even buildings that are non-LEED certified are taking a closer look at the importance of what it means to be "Green." As a result, an awareness of health and environmental issues is driving architects, builders, facility managers and business owners to consider their part in the future of our community.

Meulendyk further states that an integral part of the success in LEEDS, or being "Green" is sustainability. Protecting the vision of a healthy and safe environment can only be maintained through a stewardship program that partners building owners with building occupants.

That partnership must include a solid, consistent janitorial program that takes into account the types of chemicals, equipment, tools and procedures used during daily, weekly and monthly cleanings. The impact of these elements can help determine long- term success in maintaining a healthier, safer environment.

Grand Rapids Commercial Cleaning offers an initial consultation where they will examine the current cleaning processes and identify the existing and potential problem areas of a given facility. Upon completion of this evaluation, Grand Rapids Commercial Cleaning then develops a stewardship program that involves building occupants and building owners. The outcome from this cooperative effort is a written plan that will have a positive impact on the cleanliness of the facility and the health of its occupants.

Meulendyk also stated that the results of any customized program developed through this process will be measurable. The cleaning products used will all be Green Seal Certified, and the cutting edge equipment used during all procedures is specifically designed and manufactured to minimize the negative impacts on the IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality).

Since the 1970s, when IEQ problems first became evident, there has been significant progress in identifying the sources of pollutants and removing or reducing their impact. Green cleaning was the next logical step in this evolution. Over the past few years, manufacturers have developed products and equipment that are competitively priced and have proven to perform exceptionally well.

Information from The Ashkin Group, LLC, further educates consumers on the implementation of a Green Cleaning System. President Stephen Ashkin, a nationally recognized leader in the green cleaning movement, says that there are six shades of "Greening"; 1) Green Chemicals, 2) Green Equipment, 3) Paper Products, 4) Shared Responsibility - educating occupants and implementing policies, 5) LEED Certification, and, 6) The Triple Bottom Line and Social Impact - The deepest shade of Green which includes all of the above, but also considers the social impact of Green Cleaning.

The compelling argument to consider green cleaning is the win-win scenario where everybody involved directly benefits. The business advantage to green cleaning offers a reduction in employee absenteeism, increased marketability of a space, fewer liability claims caused by "sick building" syndrome, enhanced health and well being, less tenant or employee turnover, increased employee productivity, and lower insurance premiums that all add up to green cleaning dividends.

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